Why I Opened a New Online Bank Account
Three minutes signing up for a new online bank account is making me over $1,500 in interest every year.

If you’ve been listening to the Pour Not Poor podcast for a while, you know that Matt and I get pretty excited about investment properties. I just recently took out a fairly substantial home equity line of credit to further pursue my goal of purchasing solid properties that provide good returns and will ultimately help me achieve financial independence over the next few years.

Having a large chunk of cash in the bank affected me in a couple of ways. It’s now much more exciting to peruse the FMLS knowing that I’m poised to make solid offers on properties that fit my criteria. It also made me even more concerned about maximizing the interest rate that I earn until I actually find that perfect rental property (or two).

Different financial institutions specialize in different products. For instance, if you need a mortgage loan – consider your local credit union. Do you want to start investing? May I recommend Vanguard. Neither of those options are typically great for earning copious returns on your savings, though – which is what I was in need of after securing my HELOC. As most of you smart savers know, online banks are typically the best for high interest rate money market and savings accounts. So that’s exactly where I turned.

Higher Interest Yield

I specifically decided to open an account with CIT Bank. They are currently offering a 1.85% interest rate on their money market account as of writing this article. That’s one of the highest rates in the nation! Normally, I’m lazy. Why would I switch banks for an extra bit of interest that doesn’t make much of a difference to my bottom line?

Well, the gap in interest rate payout has grown. In fact, there’s a chasm between the interest rates being offered by the largest banks and those of the most aggressive online banks. And in addition, that extra cash on hand means I could be potentially losing thousands of dollars a year. Those two factors led me on the search that finally ended in opening up this CIT Bank money market account.

Why I Opened a New Online Bank Account

Great customer service and no stupid fees

I’m not sure what I hate more – bad customer service or obscene bank fees. Well, the good thing is that I didn’t have to settle for either. I called up CIT Bank to see how quickly I could speak with an actual human and was happy that it didn’t take long at all. The account I signed up for also has no monthly maintenance fees which was foundational to my decision.

An additional perk is no wire fees with accounts of $25k or more! As someone who is specifically opening this account up with the desire to wire funds for an investment property closing in the near future, that is exciting.

Your money is safe

It should go without saying, but only do your banking with an institution that is FDIC insured. This means that all of your deposits up to $250,000 are safe in the event of that institution’s failure. It isn’t very often that I see banks without FDIC protection, but if you are digging around the internet searching for the highest interest rate payout from an online bank, this is something to be cautious of.

You don’t have to ditch your other bank completely

Most people get nervous about opening up a new bank account. While the vast majority of my funds will be with CIT Bank for the foreseeable future, I won’t be closing my longstanding Capital One account. The account only takes three minutes to open and since the minimum to open it is only $100 you can ease your way into this new relationship. Seriously, if you have avoided opening up an account with an institution that is paying higher interest rates because you think its a pain in the ass – think again.

The main reason to consider a new bank

If you are in the same boat that I am in and have lots of cash on hand right now, you should strongly consider opening up an account with an online bank that will generate you a much higher return than the bank you are currently with. To put it in perspective, the annual interest you’ll earn on a balance of $20,000 with a bank like CIT will generate you $348 more than what you would earn with the likes of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Chase!

The bottom line

The best online banks can offer great customer service, no-fee account options, and extremely high interest rates that will excite anyone who cares about seeing their money stash grow. And specifically, if you have a large chunk of liquid cash for any reason (like an emergency fund), a high-interest money market account should be of particular importance to you.

Why I Opened a New Online Bank Account

Rates change constantly in the high-competition world of internet banking. Find one that pays consistently high rates and is easy to work with. There are lots of options out there. I beg you, just don’t let your pile of cash sit there gathering dust when you could actually be putting it to work for you every month!


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